Whether you blog or vlog, I can help you out with branding for your videos, posts, website or other content. I know how busy you are. Uploading new content, chasing invoices and finding new clients. My aim is to take something off your plate and give you a high quality brand and set of assets for you to unify your brand and take your posts to the next level. 

I can also offer other services for bloggers and influencers including: video editing, podcasts, and cinemagraphs.

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Video Assets

If you’re looking to step up your video content to the next level I can help.
With a set of video assets your blogs and videos will seem much more professional and on brand. 

I can create customer lower thirds, title screens, end screens and graphics that will escalate your production quality to the next level. 

No matter whether you edit in FCPX or Premiere Pro I can create graphics that you’re able to customise for your purposes. Change icons, colour, size, or other parameters so that your graphics fit your project.