Recording a podcast may feel scary, but it isn’t. It’s simple and fun! Especially when someone else has taken all the recording, editing, uploading, description writing, thumbnail making, curse covering and other little jobs off of your plate.

For your podcast all you need to do is think of a topic, and put an hour aside for a lovely chat with friends, colleagues or guests! I’ll deal with the rest.

  1.  Record the podcast - Put an hour aside and find a comfy seat.

  2. I’ll edit the podcast - No recording is perfect. There may be information you want removing, or there may be unwanted noise that needs to be taken care of.

  3. You review the podcast - You need to be comfortable with your podcast, so you need to do a final listen before it goes online.

  4. I’ll upload the podcast - I’ll then upload your podcast to Spotify, iTunes, Google and a bunch of other hosts.


Essentially this is the easiest, fastest way to get started with your own podcast.

And just so you know, everyone hates hearing their own voice ;-).

Connor’s skills have played an invaluable part in helping us launch our own PR industry podcast. His friendly yet professional attitude makes us feel relaxed during recording sessions – something that’s essential if you want to create a podcast that sounds natural and unscripted.

Also, as well as recording and editing our podcast episodes, Connor also brings new ideas for content and helps us ensure our podcasts are available across a multitude of platforms. We’ve been really impressed with what Connor has done to help us realise our ambition of launching our own podcast and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
— Kirstie Nickson | Sidekick PR